Oral Presentation 9th Australian Stream Management Conference 2018

What Landholder is That? Tailoring Your Engagement Approach. (#46)

Lori Gould 1
  1. Australian River Restoration Centre, Dickson, ACT, Australia

Using Dr Edward de Bono's 'Six Thinking Hats' as a framework, different landholder profiles are explored in relation to the successful delivery of on-farm river restoration projects. All landholders are different, but they fit into broad groups in terms of their approach and motivation. White hats need all the facts and science to make decisions; yellow hats are very positive and have lots of ideas which may or may not be feasible; black hats are the devils advocate and look for errors and issues but once satisfied will tend to do a good job; red hats base decisions on feelings with little understanding of the facts; green hats tend to be very creative with lots of ideas but may lack practical ability; and finally blue hats represent the extension officers bringing together many different approaches and ideas to tailor on-ground action for long term environmental improvement. Using a light-hearted, story-telling style approach, these six thinking hats will be explored in relation to real-life experience in the context of landholders achieving on ground riparian restoration projects.

  1. de Bono Thinking Systems, Six Thinking Hats, http://www.debonothinkingsystems.com/tools/6hats.htm [Accessed 7th March 2018]
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