Oral Presentation 9th Australian Stream Management Conference 2018

A long-term temporal evaluation of environmental flow regimes in southern Victoria (#3)

Mark Stacey 1
  1. Alluvium Consulting, Cremorne, VIC, Australia

In the early 2000s Victoria undertook a significant water reform program to address threats to water security and river health over a 50‑year planning horizon. This reform included the legislative establishment of Long-Term Water Resource Assessments (LTRWAs) to ensure that water management would be adaptive to future changes in water resources and river health. Fifteen years after this reform, Victoria has implemented the first round of LTWRAs to answer – amongst other questions - has been any deterioration in waterway health for reasons related to flow? This paper describes how an evaluation of the provision of environmental flow recommendations in riverine systems across Victoria has been used to help answer that question. The evaluation examined the degree to which the flow regime in each year from 1975 to current met the environmental flow recommendations. This evaluation was conducted for 150 riverine reaches in southern Victoria, which had been investigated through more than 40 existing environmental flow determination studies. The findings quantify how water recovery has addressed deficiencies in the provision of water for the environment and provide insights that will support further examination of the ecological implications of these flow regime changes.

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