Oral Presentation 9th Australian Stream Management Conference 2018

Rivers, amenity and art: the geomorphologist’s role in health and liveability (#8)

Sandra O Brizga 1
  1. Brizga Environmental, Clifton Hill, VIC., Australia

The history of river management in Australia has seen many shifts in priority. Initially the main emphasis was on water supply, then sewage disposal, flooding, drainage, stability and riverine ecosystems were overlain as management goals. In recent years, human health and well-being has become a priority, drawing attention to the contribution made by rivers via recreational use and passive enjoyment. An understanding of fluvial geomorphology provides a useful contribution to the management of rivers for all of these objectives. This paper explores the contribution that fluvial geomorphology can make to the management of rivers for human health and well-being. Issues considered in the paper include the relationship of geomorphology to aesthetics, amenity and sense of place, as well as implications of climate change for these values.  Case study examples will be presented relating to the management of natural rivers, design of constructed waterways, and the representation of Australian rivers in art.

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