Oral Presentation 9th Australian Stream Management Conference 2018

The Importance of Swampy Meadows (#111)

Mick Callan 1
  1. Environment & Waterways Alliance, Bathurst, NSW, Australia


Swampy Meadow wetland systems are a listed endangered ecological community within NSW and are defined by dense peat layers, vegetation comprised primarily of macrophytes and low grades. These fragile systems are rarely found intact and in a functional ecological state throughout the Central Tablelands of NSW. One example of an intact and highly functional Swampy Meadow is located within the Neville State Forest with this system threatened by an active headcut in the creek immediately downstream of this wetland.


- To protect the ecological values of the swampy meadow through remediation of the active headcut in the creek that threatens to drain the wetland system

- To educate the community around the value of swampy meadows and the their role in regulating stream flows


A broad partnership was established by the Alliance Project Support Officer and included the Environment & Waterways Alliance, Central Tablelands Local Land Services, Neville & Region Landcare, Cowra Council and Forestry Corporation NSW. An experienced local contractor - Skillset Environment Land Works - was engaged to conduct the rehabilitation works utilising soft engineering techniques incorporating coir logs and significant numbers of sandbags filled with inert compost. Macrophytes were planted into the sandbags to further stabilise the system.


Initial indications suggest that the system has now stabilised with the headcut halted. The biggest result has been through education with a mini-documentary titled "The importance of swampy meadows" launched at a "Swamps & Schooners" event at Two Heads Brewing in Bathurst. The NSW Office of Environment & Heritage have since picked up this video as an educational resource, as well as the 18 Member Councils of the Environment & Waterways Alliance.


The educational aspect of this project has been at least of equal importance to protecting the remnant swampy meadow.


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