Oral Presentation 9th Australian Stream Management Conference 2018

Supporting and connecting community through restoration- Why the Rivers of Carbon model works for Landcare (#92)

Mary Bonet 1
  1. LachLandcare Inc- Rivers of Carbon, Goulburn, NSW, Australia

So you want to restore your local waterway?  Well, chances are it is most likely going to involve getting a group of private landholders, with diverse views, farming enterprises and motivations working alongside each other.   Not only are you going to be expecting them to forego some of their land, but you will also be asking for co-investment through fencing, alternative water, planting trees, and managing weeds.  You might also potentially be asking them to change their management practices, and even their beliefs about what is a 'healthy river.'   You also need to be able to build landholder and community inspiration and commitment for managing their waterway for the long-term.

So how do we go about doing this?  Rivers of Carbon is a successful riparian restoration program which is operating in the Southern Tablelands region of NSW, bringing together Landcarers, scientists, regional Government and non-Government agencies, to deliver integrated on-ground actions focused on maintaining, restoring and reconnecting our precious riparian areas.  What makes Rivers of Carbon different is that it plays to the strengths of each of the stakeholder groups involved, enabling them to focus their efforts on what they enjoy and feel good about.  This approach empowers people to act, and works well with Landcare groups who are keen to do something practical, rather than filling in forms and overseeing others.  

Using a storytelling approach this presentation will talk about the keys to establishing these effective collaborations and show how they inspire landholder action and long-term commitment.   Tips and advice will also be shared so that the model can be used elsewhere.

  1. Les Robinson, 2012, Changeology: How to Enable Groups, Communities and Societies to Do Things They've Never Done Before, UIT Cambridge Ltd
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