Oral Presentation 9th Australian Stream Management Conference 2018

Looking through Goggles - The Murray River from a different perspective - A short film (#86)

Ben Berry 1 , Robert Nugent
  1. NSW Soil Conservation Service, North Albury, NSW, Australia

At 2508kms the Murray River is one of the world’s longest navigable rivers.  Stretching from the mountains of the Great Dividing Range (VIC) to Goolwa near Adelaide (SA), the desire to explore the Murray River in its entirety is a bucket list to many.  For Ben Berry and Scott Collins however the desire to travel the navigable length on a water ski and raising much needed funds for Cystic Fibrosis was something that came during a long car trip.  It was from here the 2438km Ski4CF challenge was borne.

This film allows you to follow the journey of Ben Berry and Scott Collins as they ski from the Murray headwaters below the Great Dividing Range, through the Riverine Plain, the Mallee Trench, the Mallee Gorge and finally to the lakes and Coorong at the Murray Mouth.  It gives a rapid insight into the condition of the Murray and the various anthropogenic impacts that are acting upon it.  It also shows why the Murray is such an iconic river and one that needs to be preserved for future generations to come.

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