Kirstie Fryirs 9th Australian Stream Management Conference 2018

Kirstie Fryirs

Kirstie is a professor of fluvial geomorphology at Macquarie University, Sydney. Her work focuses on fluvial geomorphology and river management. Her research focusses on how rivers work, how they have evolved, how they have been impacted by anthropogenic disturbance, how catchment sediment budgets and (dis)connectivity work, and how to best use geomorphology in river management practice. She is probably best known as the co-developer of the River Styles Framework and portfolio of professional development short courses (see The River Styles Framework is a geomorphic approach for the analysis of rivers that includes assessment of river type and behaviour, physical condition and recovery potential. These analyses are used to develop prioritisation and decision support systems in river management practice. Uptake of the River Styles Framework has now occurred in many places on six continents. Kirstie has strong domestic and international collaborations in both academia and industry. She has worked for many years on various river science and management projects as part of multi-disciplinary, collaborative teams that include ecologists, hydrologists, social scientists, practitioners and citizens. Kirstie has also been lucky enough to work in Antarctica for two summer seasons, undertaking research on heavy metal contamination at Casey and Wilkes stations. Kirstie has co-written and co-edited three books titled "Geomorphology and River Management" (Blackwell, 2005), "River Futures" (Island Press, 2008) and "Geomorphic Analysis of River Systems: An Approach to Reading the Landscape" (Wiley, 2013). She holds several research, teaching and postgraduate supervision awards including the international Gordon Warwick medal for excellence in research. She has also been to all 10 Australian Stream Management Conferences!

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