Andrew K Sharpe 9th Australian Stream Management Conference 2018

Andrew K Sharpe

Andrew Sharpe – Executive Manager Planning and Delivery at the Victorian Environmental Water Holder. Andrew is an aquatic ecologist who has worked in academia, research, consulting and now government roles and has spent the last 18 years specialising in environmental water planning, monitoring and management. Louissa Rogers – Manager NRM Policy and Planning Direction Louissa is an environmental scientist who has lived in Victoria since 2008. She has worked in a range of integrated catchment management policy and management government roles, with experience across environmental planning and management and sustainable agriculture programs. Heather McGinness – Senior Research Scientist at CSIRO Heather is an ecologist who specialises in river, floodplain and wetland ecology and has 20 years of experience in on-ground field science in these environments. She is particularly interested in the needs and responses of birds in the context of environmental watering. Shane Brooks – Brooks Ecology and Technology Shane is an ecologist and Information Technology (IT) specialist with a focus on data management, data analysis, GIS, change measurement via remote sensing, decision support systems, monitoring and evaluation. Art Langston – Senior Research Project Officer at CSIRO Art is a CSIRO GIS and spatial ecology specialist with a background in landscape and conservation ecology.

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